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Monday, October 11, 2010


My politician resents my penny
just because it's copper.
Any blind man can see
that a wise fool
stands a one hundred percent chance
at successful loss
with such mindless thinking.
Guess I'll go to work, and play.

Laughing tears at what
a penny finds, I dig deeper,
and I am promised
premeditated spontaneity,
salted with open disclosure
of organized chaos,
quiet screaming into shallow deepness,
and new, traditional, tiny mountains
of truth in advertising,
not to worry though,
all will be signed with invisible ink.

and so the uninterrupted
commercials continue,
knowledgeable of nothing,
Winning Washington!
::slaps forehead::::
Now "there's" an Oxymoron!!

Where they can sit up, terribly pleased
dancing as puppets with no strings,
hiding within our support of course,
apologizing profusely with no remorse, because
a lovely, tanned smiling face with frown
is a politician standing upside down.

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