Publication Credits

BROKEN GLASS - - Published in Online Ezine's First Edition - Crossroad, Schooled, Lost and Crushed

TURBULENCE - Published in Issue number 7 - Seamstress

Monday, January 7, 2013

You can always smell the violet

drunk on illusion
my party stops at the point
where you begin.

Painted plastered
I sit on my chin


can't help but wonder what life
has in store.

I don't know if I have enough of me.

plead with my insides to do right
my left turn is always pausing,
almost feels like

that garden that won't grow

you reach for me
touch my hand
and my calm begins to freak

I think

you can always smell violet
when you are being pulled through it

I will always  wonder
what heaven thinks while laughing;
the pointing is always some cause for direction

but the laughter catches me off guard
and now my chin hurts,

the ache of you is my comfort.