Publication Credits

BROKEN GLASS - - Published in Online Ezine's First Edition - Crossroad, Schooled, Lost and Crushed

TURBULENCE - Published in Issue number 7 - Seamstress

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rush of Harsh

rush of harsh
energy flows
feeds, grows
begins at your toes
bruises your insides
tears you apart
sentimental sweetheart
spreading thin, break apart
slices your neck
petaled kiss flushes rose
sadness grows
except your head, it knows
without your heart
why your insides are laced
with the front of your face
finger tear-trace
insensible eyes
let go of desire
water the fire
rush of harsh

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


she touched my cheek
erotic, deliberate
insanity napping with
double headed
monster's eyereach

my soul  naked,
carnal, swelled muse music,
hands compose aching
love twists
painting my energy

earthy momentum
loved me,
gave impetus to reach inside
wrap the warmth around
my hands that shake

and hurt sweetly where she touched them
throb softly, every time she thinks of me

Word of the Day Series

Saturday, October 23, 2010


scattered pieces,
innocent devotion clings to lint
sticks in between
cracks in the floor boards
I pick, carefully put
disgraceful devastation into my pocket

staining the wood over and over
working myself out of the ambush
of such a long time ago
finding that slippery,
surreptitious love
is as good for you as fast food

running running
away goes my mind

you will never know how ugly is unlearned,
your sharp, secretive undercover skills
made me want to crawl on the ground
because dirty felt good, felt even,
your stealthy, back-door, dangerous smiles
still live in my head and now

I'm wishing I could grow
God-damned wings.

because I'd meet you on a private wire,
sing my sad love song, sweet, out of key,
watch your disappointed face glower
at respite tears that stain,
place into your warm palm
all that I have of you from my pocket

Word of the Day Series

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've Got the Music in Me

lustful score
ego ideal
primitive ballad
sex appeal
subconsious urge
tender freak
refrain, submerge

Thirst, oh yeah
exactly what
euphonic love

heavy breath
music sheet

honeyed whispers
songlike, sweet
carnal blue
stunned downbeat
treble heart
music made
final note
gently laid

Tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time

Friday, October 15, 2010


Windmill marvels brilliant blue sky,
eastbound into dry wheat country
only one hour away.
The beautiful part of the scenery lies comfortably in my mind.
I can smell familiar flavors
and hear our laughter coming hard, so fast and easy.
You'll see it here and there
in photographs taped and framed all over the place.
Life is soft and familiar here
and my foot feels heavy
in pursuit of just being there sooner.
I see "Welcome Home" when I pass the sign
telling me 10 more minutes to my destination, haven.
My smile comes easily, my shoulders drop, I feel light
free and wonderfully ready
to watch gentle hands holding on to memories
that will outlast our lifetime.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you know what I know?

Scarlet heart squeezed tight through chains
the heavy gray digging in

Blood spills with each pump

she sings

"There's a hole in the bucket"

she hums

"dear Liza, dear Liza"

Tears wrung through with mop water
the stain grows darker
but still, she scrubs

a scrub

Monday, October 11, 2010


My politician resents my penny
just because it's copper.
Any blind man can see
that a wise fool
stands a one hundred percent chance
at successful loss
with such mindless thinking.
Guess I'll go to work, and play.

Laughing tears at what
a penny finds, I dig deeper,
and I am promised
premeditated spontaneity,
salted with open disclosure
of organized chaos,
quiet screaming into shallow deepness,
and new, traditional, tiny mountains
of truth in advertising,
not to worry though,
all will be signed with invisible ink.

and so the uninterrupted
commercials continue,
knowledgeable of nothing,
Winning Washington!
::slaps forehead::::
Now "there's" an Oxymoron!!

Where they can sit up, terribly pleased
dancing as puppets with no strings,
hiding within our support of course,
apologizing profusely with no remorse, because
a lovely, tanned smiling face with frown
is a politician standing upside down.

Word of the Day Series

Sunday, October 10, 2010


when the world is no longer subtle
twisted turnabouts
scattered photographs
shallow light
filled with love,
so uneven and yet,
so there,
to be in

balance beams smile
free space outright
lovely creature invite
enchanting in stride
retreat inside
baked shell shy

sparkle water winged light
stages blissful sighs
walking, looking for what might
feed the next breath of life
to fly by, inspire
humbling mind's eye

survive by
sweet nature's high
afterimage outside
stagger justified
defiance of time
get up again and try,

a pathway might straighten
still life reflection makes you,
part of the beautiful
breathing, life simplied
so moving on the exhale
to come alive
live deep inside
what is sublime.

Word of the Day Series

Monday, October 4, 2010


between shifts of light
spirits give bird's wings
to ashen bones
to drift
eyes catch, glide
private dance, slide
landscaped laugh lines
come alive!

make this
emerald kingdom
mine to settle into
held affectionately
enough of a moment,
sweet, willowy
warm breeze
teaches light,
reaches dark,
kisses soft,
naked shoulders,

of slight

of hold
so easily

wrapped, breathless,
twisted to come
slowly undone

weaving shifts of light
through blind flying,
elevated cloud-woven
thoughts of
liquid heaven
you can fly through

Word of the Day series