Publication Credits

BROKEN GLASS - - Published in Online Ezine's First Edition - Crossroad, Schooled, Lost and Crushed

TURBULENCE - Published in Issue number 7 - Seamstress

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dreams of unexpected beauty
tender breath
gathers memories
to store in a box
of tomorrows

One pale promise
written in aching penmanship,
uses it to catch tears
crushes its entirety
to her chest

Young and free,
the years grow
and so does she, and though
one's hindsight won't believe,
love, is serendipity

Montage blurry eye rub,
treasured essence kept safe,
pulled out by accident, it will feel
like yesterday,
when someday

She'll carefully lift that lid,
smell summer, trace quiet,
words on a tear-stained
goodbye note, smile, and maybe
believe in love again

Word of the Day Series

Friday, September 2, 2011

Your Piano

Your piano

paper-pale tones
methodical, slow

smooth, grazioso
resonates tired bones

delicate ivory
perform libermente

move saltwater dreams
final notes end gently,

encore, solo
Your Piano