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Saturday, January 8, 2011


you shared all of
your favorite toys,

best pal
toes touching, sand sifting,
heads bent hot
smell of salt-sting
bury the sea

you filled out before me
showed me, told me, taught me
and we laughed

your hand always had my back
holding me up
reaching around
hooking through
brushing off
a hair
a bug

"It'll be ok, honey"
you would say,
"It'll all be ok."

I still wonder what you saw
if you knew

that you saved me

wonder sometimes if
I used it all up,
all of your


classic and tender,
accepted instantly, my quirky,
uncooked freedom heart,
you just wanted me,
to love


my hope is to grow,
to engage fate,
every single memory,
paying homage to
my beautiful friend

whose voice, I still
hear speaking
now and then

To anyone who might have a friend they'd still, gladly drink Kool-aide with.
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1 comment:

  1. Jebbi...this is absolutely a beautifully written and lovely ode! I love that, from the 1st stanza to the finish, the emotion overwelms you and fills you. It warms one's heart with sweetness and most of all, there is love and it speaks so gently. You have written a wonderful poem and I am so thankful you have found me worthy to read your work. :)