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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Candy and my Third Child


from here to                            there.

Placing candy


Chocolate Bunny or Jelly Beans?
Do kids really know what Easter means?

Mine up this morning ready to find
decorated eggs hidden behind
assorted places they know all to well,
"WAIT! Kenny! Don't eat the shell!"

He is only 2 and now he cries,
I am stressed from all of the "bunny" lies,
so I sit my kids down and try to explain
that they must not eat their candy in vain.

Big round eyes, sweet little souls,
possessively clutching their Tootsie-rolls.
They watch me intently and try to listen
as I explain Jesus, and dying and sin.

"So candy, I say, really has nothing to do with it at all."
I notice their faces, their bodies so small.
They blink as if realizing that they cannot ignore
that there's more to Easter than CANDY GALORE!

Satisfied, I nod, give kisses and hugs
feeling those heartstrings pull and tug,
my kids should know that there is a story
behind the candy, with morals and glory.

I am pleased with our moment, I start fluffing pillows,
"Daddy's up!" "HAPPY EASTER!" he bellows.
He bounds down the stairs to their somber faces
ruffles their hair, starts searching out places,

the children staring as he goes around
over-acting his part in treasure being found.
he stops, looks at me, hands on his hips,
pouting and pursing his grown up lips,

eyes on the kids exclaiming,
"Well this is just dandy!"
and before I can stop him,
"Where's all the candy?!"

1 comment:

  1. This made me smile Jebbi. I love the way you have written it... should go into a poetry book for kids called 'dispelling myths' that kids can read when they get to a certain age... along with Santa and the Tooth Fairy (in my case it was the Tooth Mouse) and whatever others there are... Love the way dad did what dad's do best... put his foot in it... lol