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Monday, June 28, 2010

Remnants of Truth from the Cookie Jar

Standing in the doorway
not making a sound,
I watch her.
Some encounters
you just happen upon.
Unable to help myself
I choose to wait and observe
this priceless vision,
wishing I had a camera.
On tippy-toes,
and with the slightest effort,
a hand disappears.
In this very same pose,
with anticipation of capture,
she looks to the left
and then to the right.
Faint sounds of a hand
rummaging cautiously
and finding treasure.
Out it comes.
Evidence vanishing instantly
while the lid slides quietly
back on the jar.
Stifling giggles,
I clear my throat and enter,
stare down into deep blue eyes,
and witness a tiny mouth tightly shut
with just the slightest remnants
of the truth about her chin.
I turn my back and grin
when I hear the quick crunching.
Whirling around
just as she is about to escape
I say, "Would you like a cookie?"
She turns, surprised,
and with a guilty look,
she nods slowly.
Ignoring the crumbs
and her obvious uneasiness,
I reach into the cookie jar
and give her a smile
as I hand her the treat.
I watch her as she takes the first bite.
She eats this one more slowly.
"You know what's true?" I ask,
crunching and enjoying my own cookie immensely.
She carefully shakes her head, side-to-side,
waiting for the answer.
Big blue eyes blinking
as she swallows hard on the last bite.
Ruffling her hair
and brushing crumbs off her chin
I feel the slightest twinge and remember.
So with compassion for the captured
and, with a wink of understanding,
I make my statement.

"I bet this one doesn't taste as good as the first one."

From Cotton Candy and Lemon Drops 2001

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