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Monday, June 28, 2010

Naked Cowboys

Spurs of plastic hit the floor
and don't forget the look.
"To Be a Cowboy Is an Honor"
is his favorite bedtime book.

His holster, he wears
just a little too low,
with guns snapped in
purely for show.

Big hat is tilted
to hide one eye
and it's not at all
because he is shy.

Leather boots that stop
just at the knee-cap.
He's making rounds
before his nap.

Mr. Cowboy Man,
I am so impressed.
He's got his gear on,
but he didn't get dressed.

He had stepped out of the bathtub,
and quickly fastened on his guns.
I think he must feel tougher
when he's showing off his buns.

I pleaded with him fast
to at least put on a shirt.
But with his gun aimed at my nose,
he warned me he would squirt.

I gave him my best smile
and told him, looking sly.
"I poured the water out--
your gun's not loaded, little guy."

But then, you know, those cowboys,
so very fast those feet can run.
He tore out of the bathroom
and I chased him just for fun.

"You cannot walk around like that!"
I yelled as he ran away.
"What if little Jennifer
wants to come over here and play?"

He turned around and pushed up his hat,
and gave me the cowboy stare.
"Don't you try to scare me, Mom,
Jenny doesn't care."

"Naked cowboys, I don't recall
seeing gear on, with a tush to bare."
"Yes, sirree," he said to me,
"they've got them everywhere."

And with that, he took off again,
giggling through the house.
I waited patiently and listened hard
but he was as quiet as a mouse.

I finally found him in the kitchen
"Howdy, ma'am!" he said.
"Could I bother you to fix some chow
or toast me up some bread?"

What could I do? I laughed so hard.
I know for certain, I have been blessed.
For even though he sheds his clothes,
my naked cowboy is the best!
From Cotton Candy and Lemon Drops 2001

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