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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Remembering Shakespeare

"A coward dies many times before his death. A valiant dies but one death." And in that death, finds peace...

Whistle sweet around trees,
music melts into sun-blasted
bagpipe melancholy,
lifts golden, pulsing leaves
blazing light into your smile.

steady as he goes
you were left
you went
and yet
we are left

with warmth feeding brilliance,
steadfast affection watching shaking hands
reaching out with brotherhood, affinity
recollected, remaining vivid
remembering to never forget you
and we won't, we won't

We'll find the beautiful memories etched inside of our hearts like photographs. While we are with each other we will find the ones that make us tip our heads back and belly-laugh. We'll feel the arms once around us still there while we tell stories and talk about your antics, your pranks, we'll take turns remembering when you were little, so cute, so young, so alive...alive....alive....

and when the night comes, soft flowers
on breezes will find those
pictures painted into our hearts,
sealed inside of our souls,
sweet memories that make us pause,
and then,
we'll breathe a little for you sweetheart,
for that moment when you had to figure out
how to leave us, and in that silence,

we will remember Shakespeare
and all of your dreams
and that you loved us
and that you will live on inside of us
deep inside all of us

You will not be forgotten Brian
I love you

< Brian J Hoyle died on August 27th.  He was killed by a drunk driver.  Please - don't drink and drive>

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